DHC Summer Institute

Madiha talks with Corinth Jackson ‘20, Summer Institute Fellow 

With a grant from the Council on Diversity Equity and Inclusion, we initiated our Summer DH Institute. Miriam Neptune collaborated with Archives Director Shannon O’Neill, Digital Archivist Martha Tenney, and Digital Scholarship Librarian Madiha Choksi to develop the institute as a model for creating a community of digital scholarship practice. This summer we have brought  together a cohort of 5 student, staff, and faculty researchers to explore DH practices, and receive individualized technical support with an on-going research project. Each participant receives a mini-grant to support project costs, and customized tutorials and consultations with staff across the Milstein Centers and Library. Student participants are provided summer employment in the Digital Humanities Center or the Archives. This multi-faceted support enables researchers time and resources to explore new methods and processes. Together w are exploring how to build a framework for digital humanities that takes up the invitation by feminist DH scholars to centralize questions of race, class, gender, sexuality and disability in DH work, and to valorize community-based work that is not often recognized as scholarship. Building on the conversations that we hosted throughout the year, this cohort is getting to know each other, and sharing knowledge in ways that break through the barriers that exist between student, staff, and faculty status. Participants are encouraged to share their experiences and expertise as researchers with each other through discussion and blogging, and to discover the connections in methodology, research questions, and positionality as they make decisions about the focus, scope, and presentation of their projects. The institute will consist of 8 workshop sessions and excursions, culminating in a works-in-progress presentation in early August.